Robert Rothschild Raspberry Almond Drizzle

Robert Rothschild Raspberry Almond Drizzle

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Our roots lie in the fields of the Heartland, on a Mad River Valley farm, where juicy, fresh and naturally sweet red raspberries come alive as one of our most special sauce ingredients.

Our rich, sinfully sweet Raspberry Almond Drizzle is the perfect base for pies and tarts, a velvety pairing with yogurt and granola or a sweet addition to your favorite summer cocktail.

Sweet, acidic fresh raspberry with a delicate almond finish

Velvety, luxurious, easy to drizzle over or pour into other recipes.



  • Cheesecake Drizzle Base Sauce for berry tarts  and pies
  • Whipped into Chocolate Mousse for added richness
  • Quick and easy flavor add to Frosting and Icing Ice cream Topper
  • Use as a “coulis” to decorate a desert plate


  • Stir into freshly made lemonade for a great summer drink
  • Thin with a little water and use for popsicles
  • Add to Ginger Beer with sparkling water and fresh raspberries
  • Great for a “Raspberry Almond Margarita” frozen or over the rocks